The storage and archival system developed by MT-C has a hybrid storage system involving very high-capacity tapes, hard disks and SSDs that allow direct storage and access to data according to the needs of the different categories of users.
It is an open solution that simplifies access to content in a transparent manner. The appliance has a file catalogue that allows you to structure the storage of content efficiently and introduce metadata to improve searches.
The data flow management system optimises the storage of data in the most suitable format (disk, tape or flash). The use of magnetic tape and the open writing format LTFS provide advanced transportability and storage functions at a low TCO.


High Density Capacity

Up to 3.5 PB per rack and
up to 72PB in a raw.

Cost Reduction

Maximum optimization of the
overall cost of data storage
and archival.

API Rest

Easy and automated data
storage integration in
customer’s business processes.


Hybrid Storage combines
flash, disk and tapes
technologies advantages.


Scalability in data volumes
and performance.

Data Exchange

LTFS writing format on tapes
opens up data exchange
options between partners
and vault security.


Operating costs are reduced
six-fold minimum electricity
and cooling consumption
and the high density volume
storage maximize the rack

Long Term Conservation

Magnetic tape working
life is higher than 10 years.
Embedded transparent
automation of data migration
permits technologies and
formats evolutions.

Online Catalog

Real-time catalog generation
including a smart search
module. Meta Data to extend
the stored contends and fine-
tuned automatic searches.

Intuitive Interface

We provide a simple and
unique experience for the
user using the system.

Explosion of volumes

Genomics analysis has become much more affordable over recent years: research centres and hospitals have acquired specific equipment for these applications in their respective fields.
For patient treatment purposes, researcher and biotech organizations are constantly creating more and more digital information.
Once generated these data are to be made available to scientists and medical staff for analysis, and then stored during many years (more than 10 years and sometimes 30 years) for instant retrieval whenever needed.
Nodeum responds to this explosive demand for the large-scale storage and archival of data with a highly innovative solution that has been recommended by experts and analysts.