In order to provide you with the most suitable LMS solution, MT-C has collaborated with many partners, such as: Oracle and Fujitsu. These products are perfectly compatible with IBM Mainframe products.

In the case of IBM Mainframe, you can work with a LMS ACS Appliance that is compatible with Oracle SL3000 & Oracle SL8500 and ETERNUS CS8000.
The LMS ACS Appliance software can be implemented to allow the Oracle SL3000 & Oracle SL8500 and ETERNUS CS8000 appliances to be shared in IBM mainframe server environments or across mixed server environments.

Get unique benefits through our partnerships


Reduce costs

Via Virtual Tape Appliance and Consolidating Storage resources sharing reduce capital equipment, maintenance and operating costs.

Minimize Downtime

The storage appliance offers enhanced High Availability features to keep your business up and running.

Protect legacy systems

The Storage appliance, through its flexible client/server architecture, supports legacy technologies to protect capital investments in libraries, drives and software.

Increase Interoperability

The LMS Storage appliances are designed to interoperate with major operating systems, backup/recovery software and HSM applications to support heterogeneous system environments.

Maximize storage

By sharing Tape Library, drives and volumes among multiple hosts.

Enhance Management

Its media management allows you to assign each application or user its own range of tapes and can selectively limit client access through logical volume partitioning.

How it works ?

LMS/VM Client software works with existing Tape Management systems such as Computer Associates VMTAPE, VMBACKUP, Dynam CMS. LMS/VSE supports as well Computer Associates Dynam-T.

LMS solutions command interface allows independent software vendors to easily integrate LMS/VM-VSE with their applications. Users without TMS, can also integrate LMS/VM-VSE commands within their current execs and tape procedures.

The LMS/VM Client software offers the user a set of predefined commands to use most of Library features.

LMS/VM and LMS/VSE also feature automated routines to keep the Tape Management System database and the server database synchronized.

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