In order to provide you with the most suitable LMS solution, MT-C has collaborated with many partners, such as: Oracle, Quantum, HPE and Fujitsu. These products are perfectly compatible with IBM i and IBM Mainframe products.

In the case of IBM i, you can work with a LMS ACSLS Appliance & LMS Fiber Channel Appliance that are compatible with Oracle STK, ETERNUS CS8000, HPE StoreOnce, Quantum DXi and Quantum Scalar.

Get unique benefits through our partnerships


Reduce costs

Virtual Tape Appliance and Consolidating Storage resources sharing reduce capital equipment, maintenance and operating costs.

Minimize Downtime

Storage appliance offers enhanced High Availability features to keep your business up and running.

Protect legacy systems

Storage appliance, through its flexible client/server architecture, supports legacy technologies to protect capital investments in libraries, drives and software.

Increase Interoperability

LMS products are designed to interoperate with major operating systems, backup/recovery software and HSM applications to support heterogeneous system environments.

Maximize storage

By sharing Tape Library, drives and volumes among multiple hosts.

Enhance Management

Its media management allows you to assign each application or user its own range of tapes and can selectively limit client access through logical volume partitioning.

How it works ?

The IBM i Tape Management Systems (TMS) (such as BRMS) interfaces with LMS to communicate with the Virtual (VTL) or Physical Tape Libraries. The software client send the commands through TCP/IP to LMS that is directly connected to the Tape systems.

Take note that only the operational commands is managed by our client and appliance. The Data flow goes through Fiber Channel that is directly attached to the IBM System i and to the Backup Tape system to keep the best performance possible.

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