LMS brings the value of modern benefits of data protection appliances to IBM System (e.g. IBM i and Mainframe) environments. LMS integrates IBM System with the most innovative backup technology developed for open-systems such as deduplication, backup replication, long term archiving and cloud DR.

For almost as long as IBM Mainframe or System i have been implemented, the challenge of integrating these systems into the broader enterprise backup process has existed. However, backup technologies were mainly developed for the open-systems like deduplication, power managed storage and electronic vaulting of backup data are continuing to advance.

Today, we have observed that backup managers are asking for bringing Mainframe and System i into the backup mainstream to improve backup and recovery while managing costs.

Unique Approach to Data Protection

LMS enables to mutualize a wide range of third party backup and restore resources from the world's leading technology providers with IBM Mainframes and System i. What it really means for you! Your IT staff can now consolidate all backups in one central repository, under one single backup process, while reducing storage requirements to protect, replicate and retain data.

Solution Benefits


Seamless integration

  • Non disruptive integration into current backup process

  • Easy installation and configuration

  • High Availability option


Costs Reduction

  • Consolidation of the Storage resources for IBM i, Open Systems and Mainframe

  • Optimization of the customer’s Storage resources

  • Availability of Data Protection Solution from leading technology providers


Performance Enhancement

  • Significantly reduces backup windows

  • Increases data reliability of Backup and Restore

  • Higher performance with VTL / Dedupe Appliance


Centralized Management

  • Unique management of the storage resources for all the systems

  • Improved ability to respond to growing backup requirements

  • Improve recovery time objectives (RTO)

How it works ?

In order to respond to your needs, we have declined our LMS solution for two applications, IBM i and IBM Mainframe.

With IBM i you have many opportunities. In fact, you can work with both LMS ACS Appliance and LMS Fiber Channel Appliance that are compatible with Oracle STK, Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000, Quantum DXi and Quantum Scalar.

Whereas with IBM Mainframe, you will be limited to LMS ACS Appliance that is compatible with Oracle STK and Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000.

Data Protection Solution IBM

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