MT-C is member of various organization and is positioned as an independent auditor for various types of missions.

This independence ensures that the information you get is relevant and reliable.

Data Protection and Enabling Business Continuity

Business continuity management (BCM) is a plan to be executed to continue your operations if your company is affected by an external or internal events : fire, storm, flood, utility outage, civil disorder, ...

Developing a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) will give the insurance that you have a comprehensive and systematic process of protection, response and recovery.

This can covers:


The conjunction of an efficient guidance and high level of expertise in technologies will play a large role in assuring that your business is resilient in a changeable business environment.

The challenges is to make sure that this plan is applicable and tested. Applying a BCP is one thing, once done the objective is to being able to move back to the normal.

A Business Continuity Planning is structured by different steps :

Information systems audit

We gives you a clear snapshot of your security and information systems with 100% independence and impartiality. The audit always comes with specific, applicable recommendations, each of which receives a priority and applicability rating.


Internal control and risk management

We can help you to implement Governance and Internal Control processes for your information systems, within a defined area of your company. We study the operational efficiency and make a risk assessment of this area.

To that end, we use the best practices for your activity, your industry and your requirements.


Actuarial services

We join forces with reliable partners to provide you actuarial services which are tailored to your needs. MT-C works together with its partners to model the financial impact of the risks defined during a previous analysis.

How we can help you

Our methodologies applies both the generic “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA), Risk Management like EBIOS model and other standards and methodologies, including: