MT-C is proud to announce that its new solution, NODEUM, has been certified Linear Tape File System (LTFS) by LTO.

This is a milestone effort for MT-C and for our solution that has just been launched. Today, we are ranking NODEUM nearby worldwide known solutions engineered by IBM, Quantum, HP and Spectra Logic. And now, NODEUM is the 8th product to be certified LTFS worldwide.

In what consists LTFS for a software solution such as NODEUM?

It is an open standard, interchangeable functionality with, in NODEUM’s case, LTO-5, LTO-6 and LTO-7 brands. Moreover, LTFS is also a cross platform. This would enable you the use of tape through the similar use of a USB flash drive. With this regard, by loading a LTFS formatted tape into your LTO drive and by integrating it into your file system, it will become visible such as a disk.

How about the benefits of LTO and LTFS. There are many benefits that would enable you to become more performant through the time and to reduce your OPEX and CAPEX. Here are the three main benefits of this combination: the long-term archiving, LTO is cost-effective and reliable, and the long term open access provided by LTFS.

Nowadays, file-based acquisition has become standard. Therefore, companies must develop long term archival as well as retrieval strategies. The combination of LTO and LTFS responds to that need as it is cost effective and reliable. By using this technology, companies will become more efficient, performant and enhance their data storage and archival systems.

Subsequently, NODEUM has become a unique solution capable of offering to its users an intelligent catalog (metadata), a native REST API, open standard through its certified LTFS and scalability opportunities. NODEUM is the solution to anticipate the upcoming and rapid growth of digital data. Besides, it has already attracted prestigious clients, such as IPG, and partners in international media industries.

Published by

Nadja Rauw

22 July 2016