MT-C has released the last version of the FS5193 Appliance Gateway, here is the release notes :

  • Enhancement of the COS
    The new version of the COS enhances the installation procedure through a menu driven installation. It allows also a multi-partitions installation that give you the possibility to upgrade from an older version to a new one and to be able to come back easily to the older version.
  • Fix the Heartbleed security bug.
    This new version corrects the Heartbleed security bug in the open-source OpenSSL cryptography library.
  • Support of Fujitsu RX300 S8 server and ETERNUS CS8000 v6.0A.
    This new version supports the new Fujitsu RX300 S8 server.
  • Qualification with ETERNUS CS8000 v6.0A.
    This new version is qualified with the new ETERNUS CS8000 v6.0A.

Published by

Valery Guilleaume

26 August 2014