It is with the greatest pleasure that we now present you our new website, which has been in the works for the past several months.

As you can see, there is an obvious, drastic improvement in the look and feel of the website, which until now had not seen any important change since 2005. We believe that this new look better corresponds to our vision how we want to provide clear answer to the challenge of so many companies.

But looks are not everything, of course. We have updated the contents to more closely reflect our current activities and focus. Our services and references are presented in much more details.

Finally, we are started to open our company to social media by creating Linkedin page. Twitter and Google Plus will follow. We want to use these media to share news about our company, of course, but also to give advice and opinions on the data protection and storage industry, both from a technical and an entrepreneurial point of view. You can now interact with us, which will hopefully help contribute to interesting discussions.

Enjoy, and please share with us what you think !

Published by

Valery Guilleaume

20 December 2013